Steven Rodriguez

Web Developer

Hi, I'm Steven!


Originally from Salinas, CA, I arrived in Music City to pursue undergraduate studies at Belmont University. After graduating with a BBA in Music Business, I worked as freelance artist manager, booking agent and social media consultant for a few years. In 2016, I decided to pursue a career in web development by enrolling in DigitalCrafts - A 16-week immersive coding bootcamp.


As a full stack developer in training at DigitalCrafts, I learned how to use code to create attractive websites and enhance software user experiences. After graduating from DigitalCrafts in June 2017, I have continued to develop my skillset and learn new technologies. I enjoy combining my love of creativity and logic to deliver beautiful finished projects.


I am currently looking for job opportunities in Nashville, TN, although my professional and educational endeavors are never limited to a single location. I am willing to relocate for an attractive job opportunity. My desire is to find a junior-programming job in a city with a vibrant music scene such as Nashville, TN, Austin, TX, or Los Angeles, CA.



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Express / HTML / CSS / Handlebars / Javascript / jQuery / Node.js / NPM / GeoJSON

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